Finally, an end to the food confusion. A simple, practical and common-sense book that not only guides you on what to eat but also explains why.

The Book:

Eat Your Way To Wellness

At last, it's here!

By. Dr. Paul. Kasenene

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Welcome to my book!

Hi, I'm Dr. Paul Kasenene. I am a medical doctor passionate about how food can optimise wellness

Over the years I have witnessed how food can be used to bring us true wellness but how it can also be the source of our ill health and suffering. But, I have also noticed how there seems to be so much conflicting and contradictory information about what to eat and what no to eat.​

In my book, I share 7 principles that have been proven to work and that will finally help bring an end to all the confusion about food. Get a copy of this groundbreaking book that will provide you with simple and practical information to help you eat your way to wellness.

Welcome to the food and wellness revolution. I welcome you to EAT YOUR WAY TO WELLNESS with the help of my new book

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More about the book

In the book Eat Your Way to Wellness, Dr. Kasenene lays out a revolutionary way of thinking about food that will inspire you to have a deeper and more meaningful understanding about what you eat.


In recent times, the questions of what, how, and when we should eat have generated so many different and divergent views that many of us are left feeling lost and totally confused about what to eat. It is no wonder that even the most health-conscious people still find challenges in figuring what and how to eat.


Worry no more.

What you will learn from reading the book


The 7 principles for optimal health and your ideal weight and the 6 concepts to guide you in your decision making about food.


The common misconceptions and myths regarding food as well as a clearer understanding about foods that generate a lot of debate such as meat, milk and fruit.


How many people are using food to reverse disease, lose weight and restore their health and how it can be of benefit to you too.


Patience Ninsiima

From the first time I heard Dr. Kasenene speak, I was impressed with his knowledge and the way he delivered his information. His book Eat Your Way to Wellness is even better. It gives clear explanations about what we should eat and why. It has answered all the questions I had about food.

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